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The NFT Device for
Exploring the Metaverse
MetaPortal holders can now redeem their mintpass for their 3D NFT

The MetaPortal

At MetaMundo, we believe the metaverse will be made up of a constellation of different virtual worlds. We have created The MetaPortal OG1500 to help foster connections and discovery across them.
About The MetaPortal
The MetaPortal OG1500 is a beautifully crafted, metaverse-ready virtual portal full of wonder and adventure.

The first 3D NFT asset of it’s kind, The MetaPortal is ready for use across the open metaverse, including Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, Somnium Space, and Spatial.

Powered by rare orbs of special energy, these mysterious orbs activate multiple possibilities and grant the owner access to new unique experiences.
The Benefits
We’re partnering with multiple virtual worlds to grant owners access to unique environments and events across the open metaverse. This includes sneak-previews of upcoming drops on the MetaMundo platform by some of the world’s top 3D creators.
  • Whitelists

    Whitelisted for MetaMundo 3D creator NFT drops, future editions of The Metaportal and more
  • Airdrops

    NFT giveaways from our creator community, partners and MetaMundo
  • Exclusive Membership

    Access to exclusive channels on the MetaMundo Discord server including MetaMundo’s Guide to the Metaverse - a go to resource for the best places to visit around the metaverse, and sneak peaks of upcoming drops
  • OG Members Lounge and Metaverse Land

    Special OG MetaPortal membership status with access to an invite-only lounge and metaverse land where members can host events
Stay tuned for more details...
MetaPortal Partners
“MetaMundo is creating a network of 3D creators and tools that make it possible to build the multiple emerging open metaverse environments that we envision as the future of digital experience.”
- Animoca Brands





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